Frequently Asked Questions

Assignments / Examinations

You are required to appear and pass the internal examinations and the external examinations for every subject in every semester.

Internal examinations are conducted through assignments on the learning management system (LMS). There are two assignments for each subject. Each Assignment has 15 questions for 2 Marks each. Out of 30 Marks you need to score 14 Marks to clear each assignment.

External examinations are conducted at designated examination centers. External examinations consist of 60 questions for 100 marks; you need to score 50% in the external examination as well to pass in that particular subject.

Internal assignment marks are aggregated to 30% weightage and external examinations to 70% weightage.

PGDM and PGDBA include project submission. For subject details of each program, please refer to the information brochure.

Credit units required for every subject need to be earned so that the mark sheet and certificate can be generated.

You are eligible to appear for examinations if you complete 90 days from the date of your enrollment on the day of filling the exam form.

Examinations are conducted twice in a year in the months of January and July.

For the Post Graduate Certificate in Management you need to complete only one assignment for each subject, for which you will have maximum two attempts. This has to be completed before filling in the exam form for the external exams

To become eligible to give your external exams you must complete your internal assignments till the stipulated date. In case you do not complete your assignments for any subject, you will not be allowed to do the external exam of those particular subjects.

For the Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Adminstration you need to complete two assignments before filling the exam form

Assignments/examinations will contain objective-type multiple choice questions. There would be a question asked and four options of answer would be provided to you. Out of which you need to choose the correct answer.

You can change your answers before submitting the paper.

You can take up a demo session on the LMS to understand how the examination pattern and system works.

In case of any difficulty you can contact your course co-ordinator or counselor.

Computer-based examination conducted at the examination center.

Yes, in order to appear for the examination, it is mandatory to fill up the examination form.

You will receive your hall ticket specifying the date , time and subject name. You need to produce this at the exam centre along with your Student ID card.

The invigilator will open the link on the computer once you reach the exam hall and enter your seat number which is given on the hall ticket.

The exam paper scheduled for that date and time will open. You need to start the exam immediately as it will get timed out exactly after one hour from the time the link is clicked and your paper opens.

You need to select the correct answers from the options given by clicking on them. You can anytime change the answers before submitting the paper.

You need to complete the paper in one hours time. In case you do not submit, the exam paper will get submitted once the time is up.

Each assignment/examination is of 100 marks. You should secure at least 50% marks in each examination individually to pass.

Passing criteria is 50 /100, ( Total score carries external examinaiton 70% and assignments carry 30% weightage).

The results will be declared after minimum 45 days from the last date of the examinations.

If you do not appear for an examination you will be marked absent and will have to pay backlog fee to re-appear for that exam in the following exam cycle.

There is no provision for re-evaluation. The procedure is error-free.

MITSDE does not share answer keys of the assignments/examinations with the students. Provision of answer keys, would hamper your learning and will not enable you to gauge the level of comprehension gained by studying.

Grace marks will be awarded only if the student fulfils the below mentioned criteria:


  • A student who has passed all the subjects except two in one particular semester i.e. he/she has failed in only two subjects in one semester (Online Examination/ project work) is eligible to avail grace marks.
  • This is available for each semester of a course programme.
  • The grace marks policy will not be applicable for the students whose course validity period is over or his course fees is pending

You can take a demo exam on the LMS to understand the Examination Pattern and system operation.