AWS Certificate(Prep)

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  • Eligibility High School Graduation (12th Pass)
  • Course Duration 24 hours
Course Fee: ₹ 30,000
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In this course, you will learn how finance professionals can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to adopt cloud in a fiscally responsible manner. You will gain foundational knowledge to help you manage, optimize, and plan cloud spend. You will learn how to influence your organization’s builders to be more accountable and cost-conscious. Finally, you will consider how you can use AWS to innovate in your finance organization.

The course is best suited for finance professionals pursuing PGDM (Ex) in Financial Engineering who wish to upskill themselves and soar high in the financial markets

Learning Outcomes

  • Estimate costs associated with current and future cloud workloads.
  • Use tools to report, monitor, allocate, optimize, and plan AWS spend.
  • Optimize cloud spending and usage through pricing models
  • Establish best practices with Cloud Financial Management (CFM) and Cloud Financial Operations (Cloud FinOps)
  • Implement financial governance controls.
  • Drive finance organization innovation


  • Module 1: Introduction

    • Cloud spending decisions
    • AWS pricing
    • AWS Well-Architected Framework
    • AWS Cloud Value Framework
    • Cloud Financial Management
  • Module 2: Planning and Forecasting

    • Estimate cloud workload costs
    • Budget and forecast cloud costs
  • Module 3: Measurement and Accountability

    • KPIs and unit metrics
    • Cost visibility and monitoring
    • Demonstration
    • Cost allocation and accountability
    • Cost allocation building blocks
  • Module 4: Cloud Financial Operations Organizational change for CFM

    • Organisation models for CFM
    • AWS governance and control building blocks
    • Automated-based governance using AWS services
  • Module 5: Financial Transformation and Innovation Keys to financial innovation

    • Financial transformation
    • Implement performance optimization strategies
  • Module 6: Resources and Next Steps

Potential Career

  • Investment banker
  • Information technology auditor
  • Compliance analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Insurance advisor
  • Financial analyst
  • Senior accountant