Frequently Asked Questions


We would appreciate that you study online so that we can monitor or measure your credit points.

If you are comfortable studying from hard copy provided to you, you can very well do so.But just update your reading material on LMS by opening the pdf and scrolling down.

Also, for better comprehension of the subject, you can also watch video lectures.

Additional subject knowledge can be attained by studying the Powerpoint presentations as well.

Credit points are earned on each step of activity defined. The hours you have spent on reading the book will be taken into account for calculation of your credit points.

For examinations, there are separate credit points.

Each credit point is of 10 hours. Each subject carries 4 credit points.This means you need to spend 40 hours of study on that subject.

This can be achieved by different activities like the hours spend on reading the study text, completing your assignments, attending your examinations, going through the PPT's,attending webinars or contact sessions.

You will be provided step by step project guidelines for successful completion.

You need to seek your organisations' help as it is practical oriented. You need to do it once you complete all your exams and any one topic from your specialisation subject can be selected for your project work. You need to submit your project work along with the project evaluation fees

The project submission should be in PDF and Doc format saved on a CD and sent to us as an e-copy. We will get it evaluated from the subject matter experts and grant the marks accordingly. It will updated in your grade book within 45 days from the date of submission of your project work and fees received by us.

Credit transfer is awarded to students who have completed a PGD or MBA course from other institution or with us.

The subjects that are common would be exempted for completion of the exams and credit points for them would be awarded according to the previous course weightage, which means if a subject for e.g. Business communication has 4 credits in our PGD course and has the same or more weightage in the previous course. You earn the same credits. However, if the previous course has less credit points then the differential credit points need to be earned by giving one more assignment