Grace Marks Policy

This Grace Marks Policy dated 23rd August 2018 supersedes all the previous policies on awarding grace marks and will be applicable to all the students enrolled till date.

The award of grace marks will be regulated as per the rules and procedures mentioned below:

The grace marks will be awarded not exceeding the marks mentioned in the below mentioned table for each course.

No Particulars Dates
1 Post Graduate Certificate in Management 12 marks
2 Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) 18 marks
2 Post Graduate Diploma in Management 18 marks
3 Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 24 marks

These grace marks will be awarded only if the student fulfills the below mentioned eligibility criteria:


1.   A student who has passed all the subjects except two in one particular semester i.e. he has failed in only two subjects in one semester ( Examination/ project work) and having deficiency of not more than 6 marks is eligible to avail grace marks up to 6 for that particular semester.

2.  This is available for each semester of a course program.

3.  The grace marks policy will not be applicable for the students whose course validity period is over or his course fees is pending.


  • There is no separate procedure to apply for grace marks.
  • Grace marks are calculated by the Exam Dept. after the evaluation based on this policy and results would be declared thereafter.