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  • Duration

    12 Months
  • Training Type

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  • Program Fee

    ₹ 58,000 /-


Bringing value to stakeholders of the company by analyzing the data to propel the business towards growth is what Business Analytics is all about.

Knowledge of analytical tools and techniques, data visualization techniques, forecasting methods and analyzing business processes is the required skill set for a successful business analyst.

Post Graduate Certificate Program Management in Business Analytics is designed in such a way that you will get expertise in the latest Business Analytics tools and techniques. This course will train you in a practical manner with real-world case studies, ensuring that you are market ready. Throughout the course, you will receive clear guidance on how to implement analytical techniques and this course will demystify data analysis and will equip you with concrete skills to apply at your workplace.

Unique Pedagogy

The online course gives a detailed understanding of the latest technologies and developments in the finance domain. Industry Experts conduct Live interactive online sessions where you get hands-on training through a Capstone Project.

Industry Collaboration

MIT Skills has collaborated with Humancloud (an IT Services startup) to bring you a course on Fintech. The Professional Course in Fintech will enable you to make informed decisions about deploying financial technologies for yourself or your business and give you a competitive advantage using the latest financial innovations.

World Class Faculty

Industry experts from global financial institutions with over 15 years of work experience in top management positions will help you develop your skills and impart real-time knowledge through this course.


  • To quantify business values by using Statistical Tools & Techniques
  • Data mining techniques for mining and analyzing of raw data to discover interesting patterns, extract useful knowledge, and support decision-making.
  • Gain detailed insight via various data interpretation & data visualization techniques.
  • Predictive modelling technique which help the business to predict the future market trends using historical data.
  • Application of analytics in various domains such as HR, Finance, Marketing & Supply chain.
  • Course Syllabus

      S.No Code Subject Credits
      1 FS1F01 Foundations of Business Management (HR, Marketing, Finance & Operations) 4
      2 FS1LA1 Legal Aspects of Business 4
      3 FS2C10 Strategic Management 4
      4 FS2C07 Management Information System 4
      5 FS2C11 Business Analytics 4

      S.No Code Subject Credits
      1 FS2DB1 Data Mining for Business Analytics 4
      2 FS3EL6 Predictive Modeling 4
      3 FS3FM4 Financial Analytics 4
      4 FS3EL4 Marketing Analytics 4
      5 FS3LSC1 Supply Chain Analytics 4
      6 PWPGC Project Work 6
  • Program Fees

    ₹ 58,000 /-

    Scholarship :
  • Scholarship Applicable for Eligible Students
  • No cost 6 or 9 Month EMI Option Available
  • Specially Abled- up to 20% in course fees.
  • Fees Options
    • Installment 1
    • Installment 2
    • Installment 3
    Course fee - Lumpsum
    • -
    • -
    • -
    Course fee - Installment
    • ₹ 25,000 /-
    • Within 3 months - ₹ 19,500/-
    • Within 6 months - ₹ 19,500/-

      S.No Course Duration Extension Validity
      1 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months

    Successful completion of the program will ready you to pursue multiple roles in Business Analytics, across various domains. Few exceptional job prospects are:

    • Big Data Analyst
    • Financial Analyst
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
    • Research analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Visualization Analyst

    Successful completion of the program will ready you to pursue multiple roles in Business Analytics, across various domains. Few exceptional job prospects are:

    • Digital marketing executive
    • Digital marketing manager
    • Content writing executive
    • Content manager
    • SEO manager
    • Social Media manager
    • Digital marketing specialist
    • Acquisition manager
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