Labs is a student-centric full-day workshop series that imparts hands-on training on various tools and updates the learners with current industry trends.

Various practical and industry-trending subjects are a part of MITSDE LABs. The teaching-learning pedagogy is different as it focuses on practical knowledge and skills.

Each expert session will comprise a trending industry-specific topic. The full-day workshops will be held on weekends only.

The Experts will give the learners insights about the subject, followed by hands-on training on different tools related to the subject, along with case study discussions and presentations. Post- session the learners will appear for internal and external assessment held on the same day. The score of both assessments will be collectively considered as the final score for the subject.

Upon completion of the remainder of the subjects of the semester, the learner will be eligible to attend the LABs sessions.

Subjects under MITSDE LABS: -

mitsde lab

MITSDE Labs Key Highlights

Subject Matter Experts

  • Ade B. T.

    Ade B. T.

    22 years of experience in Execution & Training on #MS #Project, #P6 #Primavera nationally and internationally.
  • Sakar Kalkotwar

    Mr. Sakar Kalkotwar

    Principal Consultant Digile | SAFe® PO PM | CSPO® | CSM®| GE Transportation | Siemens GE Renewable
  • Dr. Lalit Prasad

    Dr. Lalit Prasad

    Associate Professor with a Management Institute from last 14 years

Industry trends

Microsoft Project - Microsoft Project or MS Project is a trendy Project management software widely used by project managers across the globe. It uses Gantt charts, Kanban boards and project calendars to create schedules, project plans, manage resources, and track time. Over 1 lakh companies worldwide use it, ranked the second most widely used software.

JIRA An Australian Company called Atlassian developed Bugzilla software for internal bug-tracking. With advancements in technology, refinements in the product, and improved R&D efforts, a new product was launched by the company in 2002, called Jira. The product is named after the Japanese word ‘Gorjira’, which means Godzilla. Jira uses Scrum & Kanban to plan tasks and map real-time performance and time. In India, the salary of a Jira Administrator ranges between INR 5-12 LPA.

Oracle Primavera - Primavera is a project management tool developed by Oracle in 2008. It is used for planning, managing and executing project activities. It can handle small and large construction, manufacturing, energy, and IT projects. It is mainly used by project managers, engineers and schedulers. It is flexible, multiuser, fast and easily accessible software. Those with knowledge of this software can earn a salary in the INR 21-50 LPA range.

Agile Project Management - Agile Project Management is an iterative or incremental approach to managing software development projects. It focuses on continuous improvement by incorporating feedback at every stage of release. Software development teams adopt this method to improve speed, accuracy, responsiveness to market changes, and teamwork. The career opportunities for an Agile-certified professional are - Agile Coach, Project Manager, Information Technology (IT), Program Manager, IT, and Agile Project Manager. The per annum salary ranges from INR 10-40 lakhs.

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