Scholarship Policy

For Deserving Candidates:

MITSDE intends to offer scholarships in order to assist meritorious and financially challenged students to scale up in their careers. MITSDE aims to catapult every deserving student towards success and achievement.

To avail the financial assistance provided by MITSDE, students need to follow certain application procedures in the stipulated time frames. Adhering to the timeline and process is mandatory to avail the scholarships. The Financial Assistance Committee verifies and deliberates each application and decides upon the extent of financial support to be provided to the candidate, depending on diverse critical parameters. The scholarship aid for the first year is awarded on the fulfillment of important parameters. However, for the subsequent years, the financial assistance is provided depending on the academic performance of the concerned student. The student’s conduct during the period of study are also considered.Scholarships would be available only for PGDM and PGDBA program.

Alumni Scholarships:

MITSDE also supports education for former students. Students, who have completed their Diploma course at MITSDE and wish to pursue their PGDM or PGDBA in any specialisation with MITSDE, can avail scholarship of up to 25% towards their course fees.

Student should have scored 70% and above in the course programme (Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration) done with MIT School of Distance Education.

Special initiative for Defense Personnel:

MITSDE has great reverence for the individuals serving the Indian Armed Forces/ Indian Air Force/ Indian Naval Force. As a contribution towards the nation, MITSDE extends a scholarship to the extent of 30% in course fees. This enables them to learn while they serve. This concession is exclusively available for individuals in-service, retired personnel and to the outgoing officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

Student should have scored 60% and above in his Graduation

Special Concession for Specially-Abled:

MITSDE encourages all specially-abled individuals to further their dreams by taking up a distance learning course at MITSDE, which offers them great convenience and flexibility. A special 20% concession on their course fees is offered.

Student should have scored 60% and above in his Graduation

Important guidelines for availing the above scholarships:

  • Scholarships will be awarded as per limited seats defined for the admission cycle.
  • No scholarships will be awarded after the number of available scholarships for a particular cycle are exhausted.
  • Scholarships will be available only on the course fees and the concerned student has to pay all additional charges at actual.
  • The discount will be available on Lumpsum fees on the entire course fees and if student chooses to pay in installment then the discount will be available on the first installment only.
  • The scholarships will be discontinued if the student does not meet eligibility criteria based on documents submitted at the time of admission.
  • The scholarship will be discontinued if the student does not pay all the other applicable fees under the PGDM and PGDBA program.
  • If the student does not clear all papers in the first attempt, the scholarship offered stands cancelled.

How to apply?:

  • You can fill the scholarship form available online on the MITSDE website along with your admission form in the stipulated period.
  • All relevant documents to be scanned and uploaded for eligibility check.
  • If you are eligible for scholarship, you will be contacted directly by MITSDE.
  • Download Scholarship Application Form

National Scholarship Portal:

Inviting online applications from eligible students for the AICTE Pragati and Saksham scholarship
click on below link.

Pragati and Saksham scholarship