Success Stories

Success Stories

MIT School of Distance Education aims at making every student a competent professional. In view of this, the courses at MITSDE are designed to equip you to achieve your dreams, become more employable, and attain better profiles.

MIT School of Distance Education is for learners who are struggling to make satisfactory career growth due to financial difficulties, personal conflicts or professional commitments. The distance education model gives you convenient and flexible study options, easy payment modes and self-paced study with complete hand holding.

Hundreds of MITSDE students have benefitted from our courses and have accomplished their dreams. We have some very inspiring stories to share with you.


Mr. Pravin Kumar Singh
Academic Year : 2016 - 2017
Course Name : PGCM
Specialization : Retail Management
Company : Rajan Trading Company Ltd
Designation : Distribution Manager

I had just finished my graduation, and due to financial difficulties and family commitments, had to start working early as an office boy. The job was not as per my expectations and hence got frustrated. During my schooling, I had always imagined myself as being in-charge of an office or a department. However, my present job was nothing close and was very monotonous. I could not do away with the job, as it was the only means of survival for my family.

Around the same time, I met a former classmate who was then working in the Middle East and was doing very well. He told me about MIT School of Distance Education and the course that could help me out. I immediately dialed the number given on MITSDE’s website and my journey towards success had started. The counselor understood my career need and advised me to pursue the PGCM in Retail. Throughout my association, the team at MITSDE was supportive and responsive to my financial problems and time constraints. On successful completion of the course, I got a decent job in a shopping mall. Further, the experience that I gained there, got me a job abroad which improved my financial conditions immensely and I am now happily managing the distribution department of Rajan Trading Company

A big thank you to MITSDE for transforming my life.