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MIT School of Distance Education aims at making every student a competent professional. In view of this, the courses at MITSDE are designed to equip you to achieve your dreams, become more employable, and attain better profiles.

MIT School of Distance Education is for learners who are struggling to make satisfactory career growth due to financial difficulties, personal conflicts or professional commitments. The distance education model gives you convenient and flexible study options, easy payment modes and self-paced study with complete hand holding.

Hundreds of MITSDE students have benefitted from our courses and have accomplished their dreams. We have some very inspiring stories to share with you.

Mr. Pravin Kumar Singh

Academic Year : 2016 - 2017 Designation : Distribution Manager

Course Name : PGCM

Specialization : Retail Management

Company : Rajan Trading Company Ltd

I had just finished my graduation, and due to financial difficulties and family commitments, had to start working early as an office boy. The job was not as per my expectations and hence got frustrated. During my schooling, I had always imagined myself as being in-charge of an office or a department. However, my present job was nothing close and was very monotonous. I could not do away with the job, as it was the only means of survival for my family.

Around the same time, I met a former classmate who was then working in the Middle East and was doing very well. He told me about MIT School of Distance Education and the course that could help me out. I immediately dialed the number given on MITSDE’s website and my journey towards success had started. The counselor understood my career need and advised me to pursue the PGCM in Retail. Throughout my association, the team at MITSDE was supportive and responsive to my financial problems and time constraints. On successful completion of the course, I got a decent job in a shopping mall. Further, the experience that I gained there, got me a job abroad which improved my financial conditions immensely and I am now happily managing the distribution department of Rajan Trading Company

A big thank you to MITSDE for transforming my life.

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I enrolled for Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and found it to be very good and informative. The course delivery was very systematic and well organized. The Reading Material available was apt and adequate. The multi medium way of co urse delivery was really very exciting and enhancing. I can definitely say that e-Learning has really broken the barriers of learning due to geographical distance or physical disabilities.

I found that MIT has the best distance learning campus. The faculty very knowledgeable and helpful. In any problems like assignment or reading the content, they comforted us and guided us very professionally. I feel great to be a part of MIT and I strongly recommend MIT to all working professionals.

I worked as an IT professional for last 20 years in the industry. This course has helped me immensely to align my thoughts with my clients, and we can now work better together. Thanks to MITSDE for such a fantastic course that helps professionals like me.

I was already working in the field of compressed air system audit and energy saving in air compressors. This course has given me an overall approach towards Energy Management and tips and tricks to work better in my role.

The sources and study material provided by MITDSE are the best available resources for learning. The course has given me an extra edge that helps me to learn about the varied needs of the consumers.

The course privileges with the flexibility to study at your own convenient time, place and pace. It also offers you the opportunity to give your exams anywhere around the globe, which enabled me to give my final exam from Finland. The study material, assignments are available on the online portal. The student support team is always happy to provide prompt assistance.

The journey was challenging, memorable and rewarding. An appropriate balance was necessary between work and study, which was possible by proper planning and time management. The well-defined course structure and schedule made it easier. The comprehensive study material provided by MITSDE always helped me to get a command on the subject with ease. The campus support team never let me feel distant and I have always felt very connected and motivated.

The biggest advantage doing PGDM from MITSDE was the relevant, futuristic curriculum that is revised annually to keep pace with industrial demands. Such a rich curriculum helps in self-development and professional development.

To step up to the next ladder of your career, you must look forward to learn and inculcate new things along with experience. Excellent course material and rich curriculum at MITSDE helped me in my professional growth. Moreover, special thanks to the team at MITSDE for their continuous support.

I am working in the Industrial Electrical Design Engineering domain. We have our design portfolio in power plants, cement plants, material handling plants etc. We are doing electrical design for complete plants starting from concept engineering to erection and commissioning. The course had an almost related syllabus to the above mentioned industries. It also covered electrical equipment sizing and electrical efficiency governing factors. Boiler and auxiliaries, pumps, compressors, AC ventilation systems and many more areas are covered in the syllabus and hence, it was exceedingly useful.

For the last semester project, I had covered LED versus conventional lighting calculation to elaborate the energy saving behind the same. This project and project calculation data helped me to use these formulas and detail design basis in my current organisation.

For my personal growth, it was necessary to take a leap and aspire for the next level. It was possible by taking a good course in management. Without any reputed degree, I was not ready to progress in the job market. After taking the course on Management with MITSDE, I am ready to take on newer roles and management responsibilities.

Throughout my association with MITSDE, I never felt disconnected. The support staff at MITSDE were supportive and helpful. The learning journey with MITSDE was amazing and I shall surely look to pursue more courses in the near future. Thank you Team MITSDE.

The course was my best choice for knowledge enhancement. It helped me do better in my routine work, helped me stage-wise plan operations and do better at performance appraisals.

The course has added profound value to my qualification. MITSDE has helped working professionals, like me, to march ahead by providing comprehensive courses in the distance-learning format and it has given working people the opportunity to learn while we earn. The distance learning courses have also made it easy for individuals who could not complete studies due to personal reasons and have helped them step ahead in life. I could work and simultaneously do the course hassle free. The course material is timely provided and is easy to understand. I have recommended the MIT distance learning courses to my friends, relatives and colleagues.

I have about 14 years of experience in telecom domain in a technical job role. I was looking for a course, which could help me build or develop necessary skills and knowledge required for next level mid-management role, most importantly in the same domain. The PGDM in Telecom from MITSDE served both my objectives - a. Enhancing technical knowledge from telecom domain (which provided the knowledge in other related subjects, where i did not have hands on experience), b. Management related subjects provided the knowledge i was seeking to prepare myself for higher responsibility roles, which would involve both technical expertise and management.

This being a distance learning course, I got necessary support from online material and hard copies of the subject books. I was able to plan and prepare for the assignments and exams and thus was able to achieve A+ grade (81.4% - aggregate of two semesters).

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my post-graduate diploma from MIT School of Distance Education. The relationship between student and staff is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The time spent learning with MITSDE was splendid and has helped me to grow both professionally and personally.

As a fresher in the professional world, this course fulfilled my precise need of beginning my career with vast understanding of the management of an organization and helped me decide on my future goals with clarity.

The course is well designed and developed. It provided me with complete guidance in operations management that I require in my professional career. It is the most beneficial course for all aspiring working/employed professionals who do not have the time to enroll in a full-time regular course.

The program has definitely enhanced my knowledge and has helped me to better understand my work, the organization and the people I work with. I gladly admit that the course has provided me with necessary insights into management principles that are applicable in the business world.

This course helped me to understand in detail about Business Management

I could manage the work and studies with the excellent support of MIT team throughout my course. I learned a lot about business management and could easily apply the principles in my day-to-day job, which helped me to improve my efficiency and productivity. I am confident that this will help me for my career growth too. Now I continue to pursue PGDBA with MITSDE, which will further help me to upgrade myself to the next level

Special thanks to the whole MITSDE team for the excellent support and guidance!