About the Services offered through Mentor Links

ASK the expert

MITSDE students and alumni are expected to ask the query at mentorlinks@mitsde.com based on the functional areas like

  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Operations management
  • Quality management systems
  • Project Management
  • Business System – ERP /CRM
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process Quality – Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, DevOps,
  • IT – Telecom
  • IT – BPM
  • IT – Web development and Branding
  • Human Resources management- Change management, Performance Management.
  • Soft Skill – Leadership, Personality Development, Attitudinal progression,
  • Financial Services – Taxation / Audit
  • Financial services – FinTech
  • Business Development Industrial
  • Product Management
  • Insurance management
  • Academics - Management Studies
  • Academics – University curriculum
  • Civil and Structural Project management Legal Studies

The queries will be forwarded to expert panel for getting answers and guidance.

The answers received from expert panel will be sent back to respective students as well as will be posted on the web page of MITSDE.

The consolidated Question and Answers will be posted on the page for common view by the MIT Community

Every individual at MITSDE is geared up to deliver EXCELLENCE.