Gen Next Learning

MIT School of Distance Education offers innovative technology to its students while ensuring convenience and flexibility as the key offerings.

The upgraded study content is aptly relevant to today`s changing times making you job-ready from day one of completing the course.

The modules are self-explanatory and in a lucid language assisting you to grasp the content easily.

The study content is also offered in the form of physical books for those of you who enjoy learning the customary way.

The best faculty are brought on board to make dissemination of knowledge a relatively easy and interesting task.

MITSDE offers an ultramodern Learning Management System (LMS), which is a cloud-based portal that aids easy delivery mechanism.

The relevant study content is uploaded on your individual student account and can be conveniently accessed from anywhere at any given time.

MITSDE e-Learning Campus

Digital Content

MITSDE has converted the printed study content into e-pdf copies to make it accessible anytime anywhere. This eliminates the need of carrying heavy textbooks everywhere. You can access your account on your laptop, tab or mobile phone. The concept map gives you an idea on how the course is designed and how it has been structured for your easy understanding.

Ease of Learning

MITSDE has designed the curriculum keeping the working professionals in focus and so has made the learning process simplified. The content can be read on any device and the assignments and project work can be completed at your individual pace on the LMS.

Online Cloud-Based Portal

Enables easy access from any place to facilitate online study on laptops, mobile phones, iPads and other portable devices. Digital study material can be accessed anytime as per your convenience. Assignments and practice questions can be completed and submitted on the LMS.

Video Lectures and Tutoring Sessions

Video lectures delivered by experienced tutors with power point slides covering the entire syllabus Video lectures can be replayed and re-attended from archive Highly interactive weekly webinars with faculty to explain difficult topics Chat sessions with faculty for any difficulty that is answered within 24 hours

Study Planner

Personalised study planner from whenever you start to the next eligible exam session to help work out a best study path.

Grade Book

You can view your course progression easily on the grade books anytime. The internal and external examination marks are comprehensively displayed for each subject semester-wise, which helps you plan your exam cycles and learning curves well in advance

MITSDE has developed a systematic and focused effort to provide technology enabled FLEXIBLE LEARNING CHANNELS to cater to all your learning needs.