• Eligibility Any graduate
  • Course Duration 24 Months
Course Fee: ₹ 85,000
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Supply chain is the critical ‘link’ between the company and the customer. It is the start and the end of the entire buying-selling transaction between the company and the customer.

Being the process owner of this ‘link’ requires significant analytical, decision making, planning, execution and people skills.

The PG Diploma in Business Administration with specialization in Supply Chain Management enables you to effectively stream business procedures and efficiently monitor workflow. The course focuses on the modern concepts of integrating supply chains, analyzing risk and monitoring work cycles to ensure customer satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Understand the challenges and learn to forecast the bottlenecks in the supply chain for a competitive advantage
  • Learn the use of analytical software to minimize risk and optimize profits
  • Learn critical people management skills for negotiation, working with diverse group and ethical decision making
  • Learn to align supply chain with the corporate goals and strategies


  • Semester I

      Code Subject Credits
      S1C01 Principles of Management4
      S1C02 Indian Economy and Policy 4
      S1C03 Business Communication 4
      S1C15 Accounting for Managers 4
      S1C05 Marketing Management 4
      S1C06 Legal and Business Environment (Micro and Macro) 4

  • Semester II

      Code Subject Credits
      S2C07 Management Information System 4
      S2C08 Human Resource Management 4
      S2C09 Research Methodology and Management Decision 4
      S2C10 Strategic Management 4
      S2C11 Business Analytics 4
      S2C16 Financial Management 4

  • Semester III

      Code Subject Credits
      S3EL1 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 4
      S3W07 Production, Planning and Control 4
      S9AI4 Achieving Supply Chain Integration 4
      S0W11 Packaging and Distribution Management 4
      S3C13 Project Management 4
      PWMI1 Project Work 6
      - Elective Basket (Select Any One) 4

  • Elective Basket (Select Any One)

      S3EL3 HR Analytics 4
      S3EL2 Marketing Analytics 4
      S3El5 Supply Chain Analytics 4
      S3FM4 Financial Analytics 4

  • Semester IV

      Code Subject Credits
      S9EV2 Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management 4
      S4W21 World Class Manufacturing 4
      S3W10 Warehouse Management 4
      S9ES3 Emerging Trends in SCM and logistics 4
      PWMJ2 Project Work 8
      - Elective Basket (Select Any One) 4

  • Elective Basket (Select Any One)

      S3EL3 Marketing of Financial Services 4
      S3EL4 Social Media Marketing 4
      S3EL6 Predictive Modelling 4

Fee Structure

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Installment III Total Fee
Lumpsum - - - ₹ 60,000
Installment ₹ 20,000 ₹ 25,000 ₹ 25,000 ₹ 70,000

Fee Structure For NRI Students

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fee
Lumpsum - - $ 3,400
Installment $ 1,850 $ 1,850 $ 3,700


Course Duration Extension Validity
2 Years 6 Months 2 Year 6 Months

Potential Career

Going beyond supply chain theories and presenting real case studies, the course helps you to become industry-ready and take on interesting roles namely:

  • Freight Manager
  • Dispatch Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Fulfillment Supervisor
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Consultant
  • Transportation Manager
  • Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Supply Chain Software Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Master Production Scheduler
  • Supply Chain Distributor