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  • Eligibility High School Graduation (12th Pass)
  • Course Duration 24 hours
Course Fee: ₹ 30000
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This is a fundamental training course in ERP. The course is intended to impart the core skills required to set up, plan, and carry out business process activities in NetSuite while introducing the fundamental ideas of the Financials First solution from NetSuite.

This course is useful for the learners pursuing PGDM (Ex) in E-commerce Retail Management or Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, PGDM or PGDBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or Material Management.

The course will provide them the industry-relevant skill set that gives them an edge over the competition.

Learning Outcomes
  • Confirm company-wide configuration settings and user-level preferences.
  • Identify features and business processes built into the application.
  • Identify specific business challenges and corresponding NetSuite solutions and processes.
  • Perform key administrative and end-user tasks for specific workflows.
  • Monitor and measure business performance with analytics.
  • Leverage additional tools and resources to extend account functionality.


  • Module 1

    • Introduction and Overview and review of Enterprise Level and ERP Concepts
  • Module 2

    • Business and IT Integration Trends
  • Module 3

    • Review of Project Planning & Management concepts
  • Module 4

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • development life cycle rationale.
    • traditional ERP life cycles
    • accelerated ERP life cycles
  • Module 5

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • Enterprise process modeling concepts. Enterprise process modeling tools and techniques
  • Module 6

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • ERP Implementation Challenges and Success Factors
  • Module 7

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • Business Process Reengineering (BPR and ERP) ERP Fits and Misfits Analysis
  • Module 8

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • ERP Requirements Management
  • Module 9

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • ERP Project Team Selection, Development and Project Communications
  • Module 10

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • Change Management & Control ERP Configuration and Control
  • Module 11

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • Data migration and Data Cleansing
  • Module 12

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • Quality Assurance
  • Module 13

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • ERP Risk Management
  • Module 14

    Life Cycle concepts:
    • ERP Method Engineering
Potential Career

  • Admisitrator
  • App maker
  • AI engineer
  • Auditor
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist