MIT Harbour


In today’s challenging times, many working professionals continuously find the need to up skill themselves. They are opting for courses that they can pursue while working full time. However, balancing work, home and studies is not easy and may become stressful

Hence, emerged the need for some guidance to live a stable professional and personal life, while simultaneously managing academics. In nautical language, a ‘Harbour’ is an area of water next to the coast that provides shelter to the ships. Harbour is where ships come for respite, offloading cargo, replenishing their resources, repairs, and preparing for the journey ahead.

We, with MIT SDE, bring you a new initiative, MIT Harbour, to assist you in your academic and professional journey by providing you with guidance, coping workshops, counseling sessions, and career mentoring by experts. This will ease the struggles of your balancing act and make your academic and professional journey a smooth-sailing one.


Industry Mentorship Program
Through the Industry Mentorship Program, you will be receiving expert guidance from Experts in the same industry as you. Industry Mentorship Programs are a great way for students as well as professionals to learn about an industry and explore professional development topics through small mentoring groups.

Coping workshops
Live interactive sessions with Psychologists,industry professionals, and soft skill trainers delivering information and practical tips on various important life skills like Time management, Stress management, Effective study techniques, and leadership skills to name a few.

Study Plans
Suggesting study plans as per the requirement of the students will help them in finishing the course on time while balancing work and personal life.

One on One Counselling
Need-based counselling in the areas like personal counselling, career counselling, etc

For Beginning Your Journey With MIT Harbour


What is MIT Harbour?
It is a guidance service with a focus on helping you in improving your daily functioning in order to attain academic success. It is aimed at making it easier for you to achieve your educational goals.
Is it a compulsory service or optional?
It is completely optional. Though we suggest you opt for it since the benefits will be far greater than your investment.
Who is eligible for the Harbour Membership?
All students currently enrolled with us for any of our post graduate diploma programs are eligible to take the membership. Also, all new students can register at the time of course enrollment.
How can I apply for MIT Harbour if less than 1 yr. of my course is left?
We currently have only a 1 year subscription model as an option.
Is there a WhatsApp group for Harbour?
For clarity in communication, we are only limiting to Email communication. So WhatsApp group will not be formed.
How can I contact the Harbour Team?
You can write to us on harbour@mitsde.com.
What services will be offered under MIT Harbour?
You will be getting the following services under MIT Harbour:

A] Study Plans

B] Coping Workshops

C] Psychological Counselling

D] Exam Timeline mapping