Student Support Mechanism

New Age Student Support Mechanism

The student support mechanism is designed keeping the working professionals time restrictions and availability of resources.

Website that Provides Easy Navigation and Information Retrieval
MITSDE’s website is holistic and provides complete information required to all the stakeholders, which is easy to access and user-friendly.

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on the website satisfactorily addresses the common questions and queries.

All the instruction manuals namely the student handbook, course program layout, prospectus, fees structure, course recognitions and contact details with escalation matrix are available on the website.

Choice of specialisation

MITSDE has introduced a unique feature to customize your specialisation subject in semester III of the PGDM course namely “Elective Basket 1” allowing you to choose from a wide range of cross disciplinary subjects and design your course structure, that enables you to develop multi skills and multi task.

And when you choose to do the PGDBA course you get the options of choosing an elective subject each in semester III namely “Elective Basket 1” and semester IV namely “Elective Basket 2”, from a wide range of cross disciplinary subjects and package your own personalized course structure.


    Institute to the Students

    All the information is promptly and regularly put up for students information

  • Website notifications
  • SMS on registered mobile numbers
  • e-mail on registered email IDs

    Students to the Institute
  • Call on all the contact numbers given on the website

  • Email to the email IDs provided for relevant queries

  • Log on to MITSDE student portal and raise a ticket for your query

    Dedicated Student Counsellors
  • MITSDE has dedicated student-counsellors that provide you appropriate information promptly and expansively. You get complete support and guidance throughout the process - from getting enrolled, making payments, submitting required documents, fetching course description and faculty information, understanding procedure for exams and course progression, instructions for using the LMS. You can also raise any query through the ‘e- communication facility’
  • Write an email to the course coordinator – wherein resolution is provided within 24 working hours.
  • Raise a ticket on the LMS – in which the query is immediately directed to the course coordinator and is resolved within 24 working hours.


    MITSDE can assist you in placements by sending you regular mails on

  • Status of current job market and trends

  • Opportunities available in the market

  • Frequently asked interview questions

  • Interviews Tips

  • Guiding you on resume building

Every individual at MITSDE is geared up to deliver EXCELLENCE.