MIT School of Distance   Education   (MITSDE)   is an integral constituent of  MAEER's MIT Pune, established  in the   year 2008.  MAEER's MIT was founded in the year 1983 by
Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, (Founder, Executive President & Managing Trustee) along with the collective efforts of many educationists, scientists and social thinkers. MIT is among the first in professional education offering academic programs at more than 72 institutions and 4 universities across India.

Drawing on the rich history of excellence in education and innovation, MITSDE offers unique curriculum design and apt delivery methodologies, and hence they come together to offer the best-designed distance education programs that efficiently bridge the skills gap for working professionals.

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) offers Post Graduate Programs with specialisations in various domains namely Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Information Technology, Insurance and Risk , Logistics and Supply Chain and Retail. The courses and specialisations offered continue to grow with the latest developments and needs of various businesses.

MIT School of Distance Education’s Post Graduate Diploma Programs are designed especially for working professionals. The syllabus is updated regularly taking into account the latest management arenas, industry requirement, change in the business environment and technology development. Thus the post graduate diploma programs are more industry relevant and bring in more value for working professionals in their career progression as against an MBA program. If you want to choose between a MBA or a Post Graduate Diploma to be employable, then the right choice is Post Graduate Diploma.


To be a distinctive global 'learning' ed-tech organization, continuously striving for excellence in its deliverables and value offered to all its stakeholders through innovation, creativity and technology.


AICTE Approval