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Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Energy

One Year Unique PGD Courses

Energy Management refers to the task of planning and analyzing the consumption of energy and ensuring optimum utilization by firms or organizations. With the changing global environment, newer technologies are evolving making energy management a more complex, fast-paced arena that requires better solutions to be delivered every day. To take the right management decisions in this sector, professionals with profound understanding of technical, economic, legal and entrepreneurial peculiarities of the energy sector are required. To do this, highly skilled and fittingly trained professionals are evidently indispensable.

MITSDEā€™s Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management brilliantly brings together the understandings of energy generation, management and sustainability. The course is constructed with an objective to impart fundamental and in-depth expertise of the subject for you to get absorbed in the energy management industry. With an upgraded curriculum that matches the present industry requirements, the course shall give you insights in energy management issues and prepare you for handling challenges of the changing global world.

Code Subject Credits
S1C01 Principles of Management 4
S1C02 Indian Economy and Policy 4
S1C03 Business Communication 4
S1C04 Financial Accounting & Analysis 4
S1C05 Marketing Management 4
S1C06 Legal and Business Environment (Micro and Macro) 4

Code Subject Credits
S2C07 Management Information System 4
S2C08 Human Resource Management 4
S2C09 Research Methodology and Management Decision 4
S2C10 Strategic Management 4
S2C11 Business Analyticse 4
S2C12 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 4

Code Subject Credits
S3C13 Project Management 4
S3EM1 Energy Efficiency In Electrical Utilities 4
S3EM2 Energy Audit And ManagementĀ  4
S3EM3 Energy Efficiency In Thermal Utilities 4
PWMI1 Project Work 6
- Elective Basket (Select Any One)

S3IT8 Information Technology and E - Commerce (ITEC) 4
S3MM6 International Marketing (IM) 4
S3SC4 Inventory Management (IvM) 4
S3SC5 Just in time and lean (JTL) 4
S3OP4 Total Quality Management 4
S3FM7 Investment Planning and Management (IPM) 4
S3HR7 Compensation and Benefits Management (CBM) 4
S3PM4 Industrial Practices and Case Studies (IPCS) 4


  • Course Duration: 18 Months
  • Eligibility: Any Graduate

Course Fee

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fee
Lumpsum - - ₹ 38,000
Installment ₹ 21,000 ₹ 19,000 ₹ 40,000

Course Fee NRI Students

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fee
Lumpsum - - $ 2,600
Installment $ 1,900 $ 900 $ 2,800

Course Fee

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fee
Lumpsum - - ₹ 38,000
Installment ₹ 21,000 ₹ 19,000 ₹ 40,000

Fee Option Installment I Installment II Total Fees
Lumpsum - - ₹ 38,000
Installment ₹ 21,000 ₹ 19,000 ₹ 40,000

Note : Installments need to be paid within 6 month from the date of admission.

You can scale desirable heights in your career with the help of this comprehensive program. Successful completion of the program will ready you to pursue multiple roles in management, across various departments and businesses.

Few exceptional roles are emphasized below:

  • Energy Manager
  • Energy Auditor
  • Technical Consultant
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Senior Process Engineer
  • Energy Management Specialist